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Do’s & Don’ts

How to Safeguard the “Heritage Values” of  Shophouse?

Built heritage provides us with a sense of our history. The value is in its aesthetics, building methods, design, material science, as well as in the streetscape.  If the special significance of built heritage is ignored or replaced, then built heritage value is eroded.Image 1 My Georgetown NEW

Historical Style:

Get to know the historical period and style of your shophouse in order to recover the authentic features on the facade.

Architectural Form:

Understand the division and use of space, function of the five-foot way, airwell and back-balcony in relation to feng shui.

Architecture History:

Learn how multiculturalism influences the philosophy and aesthetics of shophouse structure, design, and decorative features

Traditional Materials:

Learn the scientific facts about traditional building materials (timber, stone, clay and lime) and why they suit the environment in George Town

Traditional Building Methods:

Familiarize yourself with the traditional building methods and skill of decorative finishes of Penang shophouse.

The Penang shophouse has a rich heritage value and it is important to apply the correct methods to preserve it.

Below are a few examples on the appropriate and inappropriate methods to conserve the shophouse.


  Conserve Your Built Heritage

Image 3 Do's & Don'ts