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Slideshows on Penang Shophouse 


Introduction to Penang Shophouse

 stylesPenang Shophouse Styles
do and don;tShophouse Repair Do’s & Don’ts


Restoration of Shophouse for Contemporary Use

 Brochures of Penang Heritage Shophouse

A3_brochure IN_FA A3_brochure IN_CN_FA

 Heritage Shophouse Styles English Version

 Heritage Shophouse Features Chinese Version

Brochures of Traditional Building Materials

Timber 1 Stone 1 Clay 1 Lime 1
 Timber –  Page 1Page 2  Stone – Page 1Page 2   Clay –Page 1Page 2     Lime –  Page 1Page 2

 Slideshows on George Town World Heritage Site 

GTWHS Early History

 Introduction to George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site

 Early History of George Town