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Guidelines for the Conservation Areas & Heritage Buildings

Shophouses usually fall into Category II of the conservation guideline. Category II buildings, places and sites, make up the majority of the built cultural landscape of George Town. Humble and vernacular in style, they tell of the everyday lives within the eclectic cultural landscape of George Town.

Below is a list of criteria specified under the Guidelines for Conservation Work on Category II Buildings. Click on each item to check out the detailed guidelines as stated in the George Town Special Area Plan. For in depth research purposes, kindly refer to the SAP at GTWHI office or purchase a CD version.

1.0 Forecourt

2.0 Finishes and colours

3.0 Roof

4.0 Front/Side Façade

5.0 Five-Footway – Verandah

6.0 Rear Facade

7.0 Floors

8.0 Ceilings

9.0 Walls

10.0 Air Wells

11.0 Kitchen courtyard and air well – rear court

12.0 Staircases

13.0 Other features

14.0 Mechanical & Electrical Systems

15.0 Sanitary, Plumbing, drainage

16.0 Alteration

17.0 Extension  

For more details on Guidelines for Conservation Work on Category II Buildings, click here