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Procedure & Guideline

In all cases, before undertaking either i) the purchase of a property or site, and/or; ii) in the preparation of a concept design proposal of a property or site, it is crucial to get the right advice and help in seeing the process through.

It is also highly advisable to understand the cultural landscape of the World Heritage Site – the Outstanding Universal Values and opportunities offered for conservation and compatible development. Owners are advised to visit the local council’s Heritage Department and the GTWHI office to seek advice regarding:

i) The original form and  authentic appearance or style of the building;

ii) The authentic streetscape;

iii) The authentic roof line, terracotta roofscape, the view from the street and vistas. The authentic streetscape, terracotta roofscape and roofline is part of the OUVs for the UNESCO site and therefore any change must be carefully considered; and

iv) The guidelines for conservation, alteration and extension works, traditional ways of building etc.

Application process is sometimes delayed due to incomplete submissions. In order to expedite the pathway for approval, it is important to submit proposals that have:

i) Complied with the guidelines of this SAP;

ii) Compiled plans, elevations, sections and visuals that match; and

iii) Complied with the requirements of the relevant reports – Heritage Impact Assessment/Dilapidation Reports -where applicable.

Extracted and source from George Town Special Area Plan